Artist: Carlos Dengler
Album: Private Earth

Released: 2 June 2023
Label: self-released

Private Earth Carlos Dengler
Carlos Dengler approaches music making with a radiant receptivity to beauty. His Private Earth (52'30") is an ambient sigh of quiet captivation. Expressively played and exquisitely produced, each of the thoroughly inspiriting six instrumental tracks draws us into a remarkable realm of musical tranquility and enchantment. This album cannot wait to show you what it can become. Dengler's competent compositions feature mesmerizing figures, forms and color - plenty of wonderful welcome details to grant you entry. As acoustic instruments establish their presence, the pieces develop consistently and remain completely in focus throughout their duration. Shimmeringly installed in the mind Private Earth expresses a more melodic imagination. With Dengler providing ambiance and atmosphere, Keith Bonner's breathy flute tones float gently above wispy synth pads, strumming acoustic guitar, spare piano and chirping field recordings. Naturally pacing the narrative to the length of one breath, this elysian work stays consistently on the human level. Where sound shapes into texture the atmosphere combines and broadens in fascinating ways. A sustaining mood forms, offers meaning, then resolves in reverie. Our brains and bodies appear to slow, restless reflections fade, and an opportunity may arise for the purposeful pondering of one idea at a time. The effect seems to weaken the confines of borders as we are asked to contemplate the details of our planet that matter most. Sometimes a window onto a new world can also show you home. With its eloquent melodies, impeccable instrumentation and appealing arrangements, contented are those who tour this Private Earth.

Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END - 1 June 2023

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