Artists: Various
Album: Protons and Neutrons

Released: 18 March 2022
Label: DiN

Protons and Neutrons
The DiN Records anthology series Tone Science submits its sixth volume with Protons and Neutrons (69'28") - an assemblage of stories connected by technology that when taken together has the power to extend and enrich our thoughts.

Wandering through a realm rooted in the electrical, Prisms by James Bernard flows in gentle brushstrokes of sound. Vänta by Elin Piel offers suspense, then the certain cycling of intermingling sequencer lines. Field Lines Cartographer (Mark Burford) provides an intriguing sonic collage with his Eddy Currents, which languidly drifts and flutters about the listening space. In a further step toward abstraction Contradictory Forecasts from Sarah Belle Reid tells its story of modulations and routings through a current of experimentation. Adrian Beasley gently restores consonance with Waving in Harmony, a sustaining transfer between resonant notes and dreaming modules. Elinch advances the energy level in the lively Upward, a building, strobing, pattern piece of voltic emanations. With Random Possibilities Steve Roach pursues the mystery pulse vibrating within his music system. In the Shadow of Giants by Ombient (Mike Hunter) references the 1970s Berlin-School in synchronized layers of mechanized patterns. Then, working all the dials, switches and patch cables Doug Lynner shapes and steers audio discharged from galvanic sources, and with his The Mutation Trio concludes this collection in a challenge to seek meaning in this conceptual work.

Protons and Neutrons presents another nine exemplary tracks based on the open architecture of modular synthesis, and is a must-have for those interested in adventurous Electronic Music. The realizations presented throughout the Tone Science series touch something essential within the informed listener. Making their statements through the manipulation of sound, this group forges electricity into music of no terrestrial reference. Each contribution in this run of albums is a commitment to the creative act itself - which transpires in a surreal, unknowable atmosphere - and asks nothing more than to ignite the gifts of the imagination.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   10 March 2022

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