Artist: Hélène Vogelsinger
Album: Reminiscence

Released: 7 May 2021
Label: Modularfield

Reminiscence Helene Vogelsinger
Even in a field where there are so many different people to hear and works to consider, and so much competing for our attention, it is hard to miss Hélène Vogelsinger. Her second release Reminiscence (48'08") is a continuation of a broad commitment to free thought and expression - an effort which has been strengthened by an audience that supports the efforts of talented artists and thinkers. The six tracks on Reminiscence each deliver their own private sense of wonder. This music's sudden swerves and diverse electronic and acoustic palette will inspire enthralling psychological shifts, while still insisting that we are listening closely always. In obedient pulsing potency branching sequencer structures cycle subtly through light and dark designs. Pulling us into submerged levels of the mind, the blending of sounds and repeating patterns bestow a dream-like effect. With reality now so difficult to pinpoint, in its palpable sense of propulsion Vogelsinger's sonic energy extends our thoughts to a higher plane. From the buzzy and sublime, to the taut, soaring clockwork pattern precision of restless exploration, each work seems more urgent than the next. Relentlessly this artist moves to the rhythm of her imagination, at the pace of her human heart. Vogelsinger has ascended for the right reasons. The freedom to experiment, ample talent and ability, and an eager audience combine to nurture a true flowering. Throughout Reminiscence we find an intelligence extending beyond the cold logic of machines - as well as a strong contribution to a most intriguing field. Her work evokes the highest ideals of creativity, which should spur others to such heights.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   6 May 2021

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