Artist: Son of Ohm
Album: Sadhana

Released: 7 June 2023
Label: self-released

Sadhana Leonardo Wijma
The problem with Spacemusic is that the listener does not know how far it will expand their minds until it is too late. Such is the case with Son of Ohm, the perennial project by Leonardo Soundweaver. Obsessed with the world, and burning through it one release at a time his Sadhana (47'12") seems bursting with the joy of making. A remarkable creative expansion of the works of Ash Ra Tempel and the Berlin-School, which has shaped and reshaped this artist over decades of listening and examination, this music blooms and sings across five enjoyable tracks of echoing electric guitar and analogue warm synths. Each tight formation of looping plucked strings provides a conveyance for easy electronic melodies and harmonies to rise above the cycling patterns and repeating notes. While alert sequencer runs support searching leads extending into the air above, wavering modulated effects ornament these arrangements in circling signaling gestures. Such a forward facing album will move our minds in a familiar outward direction. Fueling our journey to the future Sadhana progresses at the speed of a beautiful dream.

Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END - 13 July 2023

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