Artist: Jeff Greinke
Album: A Thousand Year Flood

Released: 7 April 2023
Label: Projekt

A Thousand Year Flood Jeff Greinke
Jeff Greinke continues his intense creative ferment on A Thousand Year Flood (57'56"). After decades devoted to refining his craft these eight interactions between form and tone seem perfectly effortless. Each piece proceeds like a somnambular dance, with Greinke, along with cellist Heather Bentley and clarinetist James DeJoi, conjuring landscapes, worlds and realms that exist only for the few precious moments each piece endures. Flickering briefly alive to share their private melody, moody texture and shadowy thoughts, chords play and try to progress toward a resolution, but become lost - floating back to the forefront again and again. Unhurried notes emerge out of a soft aura of reverberation, to disappear with dreamy deliberation. This Ambient Music builds and shapes, breathes and sighs, blooms and sleeps, then detours into unexpected zones, tones, textures and states - leaving behind nothing more than a mysterious human trace. The relentless drive to make sense of our condition is palpable throughout A Thousand Year Flood. From the vaporous, melodious piano, synths and strings, to the sonic shapes at the edge of perception, it reduces geometries while transforming the phenomenon of sound into another, finer reality. Providing a different temperature of cool, this music is about a feeling, an expression - and the enigmatic substance of which we are all made.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   30 March 2023

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