Ari's Simple List of Record Labels

A list of record labels and recording companies from around the world, categorized alphabetically and including geographic location.

Art For Ears

Non-profit organisation formed in 1994 by musicians who wanted to make their work known to a broader public. Promotes Ambient and Electronic music in Belgium and throughout the world.

The Ambient Mail List

The AMBIENT MUSIC Mailing List, formed August 1994, is intended for information and discussion pertaining to all forms of ambient music, from Brian Eno's Ambient series to environmental sound effects recordings, from The Orb's ambient dub to Jim O'Rourke's ambient industrial drones.


Re-inventing culture.

Classics World

Information and catalog for Classical releases through BMG Music.

The Contemporary Classical Music Archives

Contains links to biographies and discographies for important 20th Century and contemporary composers such as Partch, Varese and Cage.

Creative Time

Creative Time presents music and art in alternative spaces throughout New York City. Right now they are promoting a series of concerts and art exhibits inside the Brooklyn Bridge which includes some ambient and electronic performers.

Directory of Electronic Music

The on-line directory of electronic music including information about the artists

Drone On

Mail list for those devoted to Flying Saucer Attack, Spiritualized, Labradford, Tortoise, Jessamine, Cul De Sac, Microstoria, Windy & Carl, etc.


On-line new and experimental music resouce. Music reviews and radio program.

Electronic Music Foundation

The emphasis of this site is on electronic music in the Art Music tradition. There is an on line store and a world wide calendar of events.

Excite Directory of Electronica/Ambient Artists

A comprehensive directory of artist profiles and discographies pertaining to modern Ambient and Electronica "subgenres". Provides insightful biographies and histories into prominent musicians and groups.

The Gathering

Gatherings are live concerts in Philadelphia featuring musicians from the ambient, electronic and space music worlds.


An excellent starting point for exploring the world of ambient music in cyberspace. Has links to several label and artists specific pages as well as a "best albums" list culled from participants in the Ambient List.


This is the motherlode of information on electronic space music with a particular emphasis on techno and the rave scene. There are links to artists, labels, event organizers, and e-zines. Extensive archives cover subjects like analog synthesizers and psychotropic substances. Whether you are a fan or a musician you must visit this site.


An organization for various creative activities: Music, Visual Arts, Spoken Word. Written Word, etc.


The Kontact List of Electronic Musicians has some 1000 supporters from all over the world. KLEM focuses on the style of music made by Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Neuronium and Michael Garrison and claims to be the biggest organization for the promotion of electronic music globally.

Music Related Usenet Groups

Contains a list of music related usenet groups.

New Age Music

Serves the New Age Music industry in all aspects, such as production, packaging, marketing and promotion.


Host to label, artist, and e-zine sites.

The Society for the Preservation of Film Music

Offers visitors an aesthetic perspective on film music and its legacy in popular culture.

Space Music Mail List

A list for the discussion of artists and their works who: primarily use electronic instruments, create "sound spaces" or sound atmospheres that fall into categories sometimes defined as "floating" or "cosmic", are generally considered "non-commercial" and demand an active listener.

The Virtual Synthesizer Museum

The largest on-line museum of its kind, displaying vintage electronic music instruments from all over the world. In addition to photos of the instruments, there is also information about their history and the people and companies that made them.

Resource Guide