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Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2016 - Year in Review Part Two *

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Jeffrey Koepper         Interlogic              Terrelektra (air space)
Mythos                  From Yokahama to...     Jules Verne - Around the World in 80 Minutes (groove)
Peter Baumann           Searching in Vain       Machines of Desire (bureau b)
G Getty/S Whitlan       Astley Return           Even Higher Green (retrochet records)
The Tangent Project     Unmoored                Threads (self-released)
Jeff Pearce             Downstream I            Follow the River Home (self-released)
Max Richter             Retinal                 Perfect Sense (bfd)

Steve Roach             Endorphine Dreamtime    Live in Tuscon - Pinnacle Moments (timeroom)
Craig Padilla           Across the Light        Heaven Condensed (spotted peccary)
Jack Hertz            Return to Alpha Syntauri  Planet Red (aural films)
Sverre Knut Johansen    Lost                    Earth From Above (spotted peccary)
Forrest Fang            Driftwood               The Sleepwalker's Ocean (projekt)
Havdis                  Dressed in Dark Winter  Novemberly (gterma)
R Sakamoto/A Noto       The Revenant Theme      The Revenant (milan records)
Rezo Glonti             Shuttle                 Budapest (dronarivm)
Max Richter             Song/Echo               Sleep (deutsche grammophon)

E Wollo/B Metcalf       Days of Magic           Earth Luminous (projekt)
Robert Rich             Meeting Face to Face    What We Left Behind (soundscape)
Julianna Barwick        Nebula                  Will (dead oceans)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith   Stratus                 Ears (western vinyl)
Darren Rogers           The Love Inside         Interstellar Love (self-released)
Filter-Kaffee           Bridge Over Troubled... Filter-Kaffee 100 (manikin)
Dave Luxton             Artificial Life         Music for Science and Stargazing (wayfarer)
Gert Blokzijl           excerpt                 Jurei (self-released)
Jim Ottaway             Southern Cross          Southern Cross (self-released)
An Imaginal Space       Dreaming                Ghosts (self-released)

Martin Nonstatic        tracks 1 2              Nebulae Live at the Planetarium (ultimae)
Johann Johannsson       A Song for Europa       Orphee (deutsche grammophon)
Jason Sloan             Aleppo                  Haven (slobor media)
Vangelis                Return to the Void      Rosetta (decca)
Dave Luxton             Swarm                   Phantom Circuits (wayfarer)
H Givens/M Devi         Pathless Passage        Source of Compassion (spotted peccary)
Legiac                  Ambikythera Mechanism   The Voynich Manuscript (dronarivm)
Apocyphos/Kammerheit/Atrium Careri - Avenoir    Onyx (cryo chamber)

S Roach/R Logan         Moment's Notice         Second Nature (projekt)
Darshan Ambient     Sunrise on the Mississippi  Fire Light (spotted peccary)
Silvia Nakkach          Liminal Dream           Liminal (vox mundi)
Janet Robbins           What Do They Hear?      I Hear Crow (star 7 records)
Chronotope Project      Churning the Ether      Passages (spotted peccary)
Max Richter             Lost in Space           The Last days on Mars (bfd)
Leslie Flanigan        Can Barely Feel My Feet  Hedera (physical editions)
An Imaginal Space       Lamentations Pt VI      Loops (self-released)
The Human Voice         We Are Not Alone        Silent Heart (cyclic law)


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