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Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2013 - Year in Review Part One *

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Realtime                Lunar Dance             Solar Walk (syngate)
U Schnauss/M Peters     Slow Southern Skies     Tomorrow is Another Day (bureau b)
Helpling/Jenkins        Found                   Found (spotted peccary)
Chronotope Project      Event Horizon           Event Horizon (relaxed machinery)
Lammergeyer             Repairing the Sky       Between the Lines (dataObscura)
Frore                   First Ray of Light      Shadowlands (relaxed machinery)
Mikronesia              Filtered Past           Torn Ivory (ear snake)
Harold Budd             Atl Atl                 Perhaps (root strata)
Rober Davies            Leeway Tides            Forgotten Harbors (dataObscura)

AES Dana                Jetlag Corporation      Pollen (ultimae)
Ulrich Schnauss         Broken Homes            A Long Way to Fall (domino)
Kettel & Secede         Deliria Noon            When Can (sending orbs)
Mychael Danna           Meeting Krishna         Life of Pi (sony)
Leonardo Fresco  Cuando El Sol Grita La Manana  Pop Ambient 2013 (kompakt)
Telomere                Sol Zero                Lux Primordia (evenfall)
Skoulaman               Beyond Imagination      Synthesizer Mood (self-relased)
Void                    Avoidance II            Avoidance (self-released)
Ian Boddy               Rest                    Sepulchre (DiN/DDL)

Hollan Holmes           The Road to Perdition   Phase Shift (self-released)
Circular                Pattatine               Nordic Circles (ultimae)
Three Fields            Rain Electric           Wherever You're Standing Now (installed worlds)
Scann-Tec               Hope                    Morpheus (ultimae)
Sonogram                Cruiser                 How We Saw Tomorrow (simulacra)
Gentoo                  Anyuta                  Sirens (simulacra)
Bertrand Loreau         A Light of Encore       Nostalgic Steps (spheric)
Solar Fields            Lifebook                Origin #02 (ultimae)
Eyes Cast Down          First Day Apart         The Separate Ones (kalindi)
Thomas Newman           Very Sick Girl          Side Effects (varese saraband)

Steve Roach             Rapt in Night           Future Flows (projekt)
dreamSTATE/Heiki        Snow Drifter            The North Shore (paper + sound)
Matt Borghi/Michael Teager - Convocation        Convocation (slobor media)
Dan Pound               Only a Memory           Sphercal (self-released)
Eleni Karaindrou        Requiem for Willy Loman The Athens Concert (ecm)
Cliff Martinez     You Have a Full Green Light  The Company You Keep (milan)
Simon Lomax             The Fragile Veil        Zone of Cold (self-released)
Resonant Drift          Fading Memories         Full Circle (self-released)
The Circular Ruins/Mystified - The Voyage Home  Fantastic Journey (dataObscura)
Max Richter             Break In                Disconnect (milan)

Boards of Canada        Split Your Infinitives  Tomorrow's Harvest (warp)
Rhian Sheehan           La Boite a Musique      Stories From Elsewhere (darla)
Jon Hopkins             Abandon Window          Immunity (domino)
Olafur Arnalds   Hands Be Still.Only the Winds  For Now I Am Winter (mercury classics)
Harold Budd             Jane 8                  Jane 1-11 (darla)
Mountains               Sand                    Centralia (thirll jockey)
Pan American            Laurel South            Cloud Room, Glass Room (kranky)
Eluvium                 Covered in Writing      Nightmare Ending (temporary residence)
Takashi Suzuki     Following the Guiding Bells  Voyage (self-released)


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