STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 16 January 2022
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Host: Chuck van Zyl


C-Jay/LOM/Stephane Gervais - Arjen Schat Remix		Dormarch Remixes (the sessions)
Ian Boddy		Zephyr				Modulations II (DiN)
Panic Girl		Woodpecker			Washed Ashore (i u we records)
Simon Lomax		In Essence			Notes from the Void Vol 2 (council of nine)
The Soviet Space Dog Project - Fogou			Subterranean Suburbia (self-released)

Steve Roach		The Perfection of Solitude	Zones Drones & Atmospheres (projekt)
Hollan Holmes		Tales from the Abyss		Emerald Waters (spotted peccary)
M3NASH			Regen				Die Loreley (cyclical dreams)
Filter-Kaffee		Hidden Temple			Filter-Kaffee 105 (manikin records)
MiDiBiTCH		Kriyas - Reinigung		Natal (cyclical dreams)
Transponder		Astral Expanse			Astral Expanse (exosphere)
Cosmic Replicant	Strange Objects			The Waves (exosphere)

AirSculpture		excerpt				Widely Spaced (self-released)
Paul Ellis/Paul Nagle	Night Music			The Hidden Camera (self-released)
Palancar		Whispering Skies		Nightlands (emergent world)

Dirk Serries/Trosta	Kreep				Island on the Moon (consouling sounds)
Steve Roach/Michael Stearns - Primal Return		Beyond Earth & Sky (projekt)
Phillip Wilkerson/Chris Russell - Deep Lane		Dark Measures (spotted peccary)
Serena Gabriel (w/Steve Roach) - From the Sea		Seeing Inside (soundquest music/projekt)
Lisa Bella Donna	Kanawha Falls, West Virginia	Appalachian Wilderness (behind the sky)

Isostatic		Hibernal			Winter's Edge (exosphere)
Lightbath/Effenberger	The Medicine is the Awakening	The Medicine is the Awakening (self-released)
Arjen Schat		Radial Velocity			Extragalactic Sessions Pt 3 (self-released)


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