STAR'S END 1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist March 8, 1998 Hosts: Dave Maier/Jeff Towne
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia/88.1fmWXPH Harrisburg,PA/90.5fmWKHS Worton/Baltimore,MD

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Testu Inoue             Bionic Commune          Organic Cloud (Fax)
Dwight Ashley/Tim Story  Expire                 Drop (Lektronic Soundscapes)
David Torn              elsewhere, now than waving  What Means Solid, Traveller? (CMP)
Paul Haslinger          Les Sens du Sens        World Without Rules (RGB)
Deep Space Network      Lovers' Luau            Traffic (KM20)

Cypher 7                Message Important       Security (Subharmonic)
Paul Schutze            Rapture of the Skin     Rapture of Metals (SDV)
Ora                     Rosea                   Rosea (Hic Sunt Leones)
:zoviet*france          Ascend a Fall           Just an Illusion (Staalplaat)
Ulf Langheinrich        Inside Pressure         Degrees of Amnesia (Asphodel)
Atom Heart              Cobol(I)                Orange (Fax)
Echo System             Hydrophonics            Headland (Deviant)

Rhythm and Irrelevance   La Lune de Miel        #9 Dream (Recycle or Die)
We                      Flutesque               As Is (Asphodel)
Hafler Trio             Five Hours              7 Hours Sleep (The Grey Area of Mute)
Modula Green            The Orchid Trap         Shellground (Fax)
Victor Sol/Nick Heyduck  150g Spaceweight pt1   Aerial Service Area 2 (Fax)
Kenneth Newby           Eileithyia              Sirens (City of Tribes)

Paul Sauvanet           Eleusis                 Eleusis (Rubicon)
Thomas Koner            Aubrite                 Aubrite (Barooni)
Iannis Xenakis          Diamorphoses            Electronic Music (EMF)
Oval                    Lens Flared Capital     dok (Thrill Jockey)
Robert Rich/Alio Die    The Road to Wirikuta    Fissures (Fathom)
Jeff Pearce             Eastland Nightfall      Vestiges (Jeff Pearce Music)   

Tamia/Pierre Favre      Chant d'Exil            Chant d'Exil (ECM)
SETI                    Aerino                  Ambient Systems 3 (Instinct)
Divination              Ascesis                 Akasha (Subharmonic)
Maeror Tri              (track1)                Mort aux Vaches
Kit Watkins             Mirage                  Sunstruck (ESD)

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