STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 15 April 2001
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia/88.1fmWXPH Harrisburg,PA/90.5fmWKHS Worton/Baltimore,MD
Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

James Johnson           Gathering Rehearsal     unreleased
Vir Unis                tracks 4 - 5            Pulse 'n Atmo (groove)
Boddy/Reuter/Mullaney   Triptych                Triptych (DiN)
Richard Pinhas          Part 2                  Iceland (cuneiform)

Cosmic Hoffman          Lightstar Rising        Shiva Connection (heart + mind)
Steve Hillage           Garden of Paradise      Rainbow Dome Musick (virgin)
James Johnson           Linger                  Linger (zero)
David Helpling          All Things End          Dreams + Shadows (spotted peccary)
Al Gromer Khan          Silent Voice            Kama Sutra (new earth)
Laurie Anderson         Walking and Falling     Big Science (warner bros)

Vidna Obmana            Earth Dangling          Subterranean Collective (projekt)
Vangelis                Himalaya.Summit         China (polydor)
Baird Hersey  The Conch Shell The Wheel The...  Waking the Cobra
Temps Perdu?            tracks 3 - 5            Earth Story (amplexus)
Robert Rich             excerpt Hour Four       Somnium (hypnos/relapse)

Radio Massacre Int'l    Part Three              Upstairs Downstairs (centaur)
Dom F. Scab             Difficult Encounter     Binary Secrets (groove)
Hab                     Sector Stp              Mapod (dot)
Kraftwerk               Kristallo               Ralf + Florian (vertigo)
Rudy Hill               Dynamix, Polarized      Ambient Systems: Initialized (instinct)
A Produce               I Woke Up Dreaming      Smile On The Void (hypnos)
James Johnson/S Philips excerpt                 Lost at Dunn's Lake (zero)

Alpha Wave Mvt/Jim Cole Waking the Divine       Bismala (spectral spiral)
Richard Bone            Corazon Del Cielo       Tales From The Incantina (indium)
Jalan Jalan             tracks 3 - 7            Bali Dua (pacific moon)
Jeff Beck               Blackbird.Suspension    You Had It Coming (epic)
Brian Eno               2/1                     Music For Airports (eg)


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