STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 17 April 2022
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

David Parsons		Cosmic Sea			Atmanaut (celestial harmonies)
David Helpling		The Bliss You've Always Carried	In (spotted peccary)
Carlos Dengler		New Cambria			Aqueduct (self-released)
Cheryl B Engelhardt	The Misty Cosmos		The Passenger (self-released)
Lisa Bella Donna	Early Dawn at Green Lake	American Watercolors (self-released)

Concept Devices		excerpt				Awakenings 9 April 2022 (awakenings)
TaboTago		Gleaming Aluminum Skin		Corroding Modernism (iaepatus media)
K Markov		Obscurity 4			Obscurity (self-released)

Hollan Holmes		Fathom				Emerald Waters (spotted peccary)
Starterra		Stellar Arc			Transformative Cycles (exosphere)
Lorenzo Montana		Corde del Vento 		Descent (projekt)
Desensitized		Saltis Nominus			Hemispherica Portals (spotted peccary)
Michael Stearns		Movements 1 2 3			Planetary Unfolding (projekt)

jarguna/Chris Russell	Adena				Transmissions from Serpent Mound (projekt)
Cosmic Ground		The Plague (alternate mix)	Decade 2012-2022 (self-released)
American Astro Monkey Project - Lockdown Merry-Go-Round	Penal Colony Tier 5 (self-released)

Field Lines Cartographer - Through Starlight		Superclusters (woodford halse)
Jeff Greinke		Into the Night			Noctilucent (spotted peccary)
Deepspace		tracks 6 7			Superradience (projekt)
The Kids and the Cosmos-Transition			Ambient Mix Tape vol 1 (sound in silence)
Erik Wollo		Sound and Shadows		Sojourns (projekt)


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