STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 26 April 2009
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

H U V A Network         Orientations Part 3     Ephemeris (ultimae)
Bob Holroyd             On the Forest Floor     Re:cycled (long tail)
Jon Hassell           Last Night the Moon Came  Last Night the Moon Came (ecm)
Parallel Worlds         Ungreat Certainty       Shade (DiN)
The Circular Ruins      No Longer Here          Before the Colors Deepened
Saul Stokes      Slowing Into Shimmering Steel  Metacollage (stokesmusic)
James Murray      Colour Has It's Own Language  Where Edges Meet (ultimae)
Robert Davies           Persistent Presence     Geography of Memory
Ethan Rose              Rising Waters           Oaks (holocene)

Ideation                Zeitgeist               Adrfit (ricochet dream)
Wedge        The Stars Will Explode In the Sky  Heavensville (harmonium)
Helios                 Bless This Morning Year  Eingya (type)
Benge                   Iso-Grifo               I Am 9 (expanding)
Jason Sloan             tracks 1 2 3            [--] (slobor)
Ben Neill               Ether                   Green Machine (astralwerks)

Dutch Space Mission   Master of Time and Space  Masters of Space and Time
Node              Express.Calling at All Stops  Terminus (deviant)
Redshift     Happy Hour.Turning Towards Us      Turning Towards Us

Mark Mahoney - Voices Within the Solar Stream.Starfish - Beyond the Vaulting Sky
Between Interval        Delta Capricorni        The Edge of a Fairytale
Craig Padilla           Realm of the Spirit     Beyond the Portal (lotuspike)
Steve Roach    Birth of Still Places (excerpt)  Dynamic Stillness (projekt)

Steve Roach/Erik Wollo  Part 19                 Stream of Thought (projekt)
Kevin Kendle            Dance of Elektra        Light From the Pleiades
Cosmic Hoffmann         Carina Cygnus           Electric Trick (heart & mind)
Thom Brennan            Monsoon                 Mountains (rubicon)
Rudy Adrian             Starlight               Desert Realms (lotuspike)
Jeffrey Koepper         Winter Space            Luminosity (air space)


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