STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 23 May 2021
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Host: Chuck van Zyl


Free System Projekt	Part 4				The Lost Sessions 2013 (fsp records)
K Markov		Cloudy Sunset 5			Cloudy Sunset (self-released)
Tangerine Dream		Movements of a Visionary	Phaedra (virgin)
Marc Barreca		Saturation			The Empty Bridge (palace of lights)

Martin Sturtzer		Lagrange Point			Illumination Cycle (synphaera)
Philippe Petit		Delicate Elementum		Integers and Quotients (DiN)
Helene Vogelsinger	Reminiscence			Reminiscence (modularfield)
Janne Hanhisuanto	Great Pastel Colours		Traveller in Time (self-released)
Johan Agebjorn/Mikael Ogren - Passing the Gates		Artefact (spotted peccary)
Divine Matrix		Lament to the Dead		Heart of the Shaman (ad music)
Kit Watkins		The Upper Regions of Space	The Gathering Set 2 (self-released)

subtractiveLAD		Wind Through the Leaves		Rising Tide (self-released)
Son of Ohm		Reflections I			Reflections (self-released)
Polypores		Exopheromones			Shpongos (behind the sky music)
Klaus Schulze		Synphara			Cyborg (brain)

Robert Hakalski         On the First of March...	On the First of March the Crows Begin to Search (singularity)
Deborah Martin/Jill Haley - The Stillness of Forest...	The Silence of Grace (spotted peccary)
latome2			UR Metal			single (self-released)
Jeff Greinke		Storm Chaser			Other Weather (spotted peccary)
Paul Dresher		Liquid and Stellar Music	This Same Temple (new albion)

Steve Roach		A Few More Moments		Quiet Music (projekt)
Spyra/Lang		Santorini			SeQuest (ricochet dream)
Manuel Goettsching	HP Little Cry			Die Mulde (mg art)
Brian Eno		Dover Beach			Film Music 1976-2020 (opal)


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