STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 25 July 2021
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Host: Chuck van Zyl


Erik Wollo		Parts 2 3 4			Winter Tide (projekt)
Transponder		Atlas				Terminae Space (exosphere)
K Leimer		Anode				Mitteltoner72 (palace of lights)
Moby		God Moving Over the Face of the Waters	Reprise (deutsche grammophon)
Ambiente Solstice	Abandoned Peace			Abandoned Peace (heart dance records)
Build			Harbor Surface			A Development with a Grid of Streets and a Shopping-Center Heart (audiobulb)
Western Edges	The Wall You First Kissed Her Against	Dependency (sound in silence)

Huron			Burn the Past			Burning the Past to Light Our Future (self-released)
Juha-Matti Rautiainen	Still Water			Still Water (self-released)
AES Dana		Somewhen			(a)period. (ultimae)
El Principio de Noxa	Inside the Paradox		Hermeneutics (cyclical dreams)
Robert Rich/Ian Boddy	Lithosphere.Blue Moon.React	React (DiN)

Lucas Tripaldi/Toni Jimenez - Carcomiendo		Donde Habitan los Recuerdos? (cyclical dreams)
Kontroll Raum		Escape 38			Check In (manikin)
Francisco Nicosia	Anestesicos Milenarios		Time (cyclical dreams)
Richard Wahnfried	Midiaction			Miditation (innovative communication)

Cosmic Ground		Part One			Soil 3 (self-released)
Lisa Bella Donna	Part IV				Mourning Light (behind the sky music)
Lightwave		Just Another Dream		Nachtmusik (erdenklang)

Mark Seelig		Prana Meditation		The Disciple's Meditation (projekt)
La Ponto Ensemblo	Ishmael's Lull			Ishmael/at Quintessence (self-released)
loscil			Lux				Clara (kranky)
Vangelis		Movement 1			Soil Festivities (polydor)
Tim Story		Many Years Pass			Beguiled (hearts of space)


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