STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 26 August 2001
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia/88.1fmWXPH Harrisburg,PA/90.5fmWKHS Worton/Baltimore,MD
Host: Jeff Towne; 3am and 4am programmed by Dave Maier

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Paul Ellis               (title)                Into the Liquid Unknown (Binary/Hypnos)
Bitniks                  Sign-o-Rama            Halograms (Hypnotism)
John Rose                A Space Within         Cosmogenesis (Space For Music)
Jim Cole/Spectral Voices    Uplifting           Sky (Spectral Spiral)

The Bionaut             Lush Life Electronica   Lubricate Your Living Room (Matador)
Erik Wollo              Awakening               Wind Journey (Spotted Peccary)
Pale 3                  The Letter              The Princess and the Warrior (Trauma)
Eno/Schwalm             Rising Dust             Drawn from Life (Astralwerks)
Makyo                   Ghost Echoes            Yakshini (Dakini)
Dean De Bendictus       Embraced                A Lone Reply (Fateless)
Saul Stokes    The Twin Worlds of Abstraction   Abstraction (Green House)
Tom Heasley             Ground Zero             Where the Earth Meets the Sky (Hypnos) 

Double Muffled Dolphin  Alphapulse            va/Boredom is Deep and Mysterious(April)
Dominic Woosey         Stray Light,First Dawn   va/Recycle or Die (Planet Earth)
Russell Mills           a swoon in amber        Undark Two: Pearl & Umbra (Instinct)
Lasse Marhaug           (track 7)   Nothing but Sound From Now On(Smalltown Supersound)
Schizotrope     The Life & Death of Marie Zorn	le plan (sub rosa)
James Plotkin/Mark Spybey  A Peripheral Blur    A Peripheral Blur(kranky)
Paul Schütze     The Close Heat of Starlight    Abysmal Evenings (Virgin)

Biosphere        Algae & Fungi (Candelaria Version)   Light EP (Touch)
Deep Space Network      zenn la                 big rooms (Instinct)
Antonio Testa/Alio Die  Yacaruna	  Healing Herb¹s Spirit (Crowd Control Activities)
Haruomi Hosono          Armenian Orientation    Medicine Compilation (Epic/Sony)
Mo Boma                 Jijimuge Two            Jijimuge (Extreme)
:zoviet*france:         First Vigil             Collusion (Soleilmoon)
Thomas Köner            track 3                 Nunatak Gongamur (Barooni)
The Slow Peepers        1/16                    s/t (Dog)
Adham Shaikh            Journey to the Sun      Journey to the Sun (Instinct)

Jeff Pearce             (tracks 1+2)            The Light Beyond
Sheila Chandra          ABoneCroneDrone7        This Sentence is True (Shakti)
Neotropic               Train to Katoomba       La Prochaine Fois (NTone)
Eltro                   Center                  Velodrome (Absolutely Kosher)	
SPLaTTeRCeLL            Unravelled              OAH (CeLLDiViSioN)
Matt Borghi             Sequence 2              December Impressions (
Alex Cline              Bridge                  The Constant Flame (Cryptogramophone)
Gary Stroutsos          Afternoon Wave          Pacific Moon (Paras)


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