STAR'S END 1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for December 6th, 1998
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia/88.1fmWXPH Harrisburg,PA/90.5fmWKHS Worton/Baltimore,MD
Host: Chuck van Zyl

Concert Preview - Saul Stokes at The Gatherings

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Saul Stokes             We Found It At Io       Washed In Mercury (hypnos)

 -  Live In-Studio Interview w/ Saul Stokes  -

Saul Stokes             The Zo Pilots           The Zo Pilots (hypnos)
Saul Stokes             Ivaneer                 Voyager va (ad astra)
SRoach/VidnaObmana    Revealing The Secret Pt2  Ascension Of Shadows (projekt)
Jon Jenkins             From The Spring         Flow (spotted peccary)


 - Live In-Studio Interview w/Saul Stokes continues  -

Saul Stokes             Halogen Sparrows        The Other Side va (hypnos)
Saul Stokes             Frere Moth              Exhibitions va (blt)
Ramp                    Before The Storm        Nodular (manikin)
Air Sculpture           Pogofish                Thunderhead (neu harmony)
Michael Peters          Infinite Moment         Escape Veloopity (originalton west)
Patrick O'Hearn         35th Parallel           The Ambient Expanse va (mirage)

Saul Stokes             Wire Light Hills        The Zo Pilots (hypnos)
Transambient Commnctns  Geese?Alaska Pt 1       Mauve (3rd stone)
O'Head                  Memory.Domes Of Atma    Silent Universe (centaur discs)
Rolf Trostel            Digital Track           Recall Level (manikin)
Ian Boddy               Aquamarine              Rare Elements (something else)
Dom F Scab              Inner                   Innerseed (free)

Saul Stokes             Fast Creatures          The Zo Pilots (hypnos)
Wendy Carlos            Fall                    Sonic Seasonings (east side digital)
The Herb                Many Lands              Natural Progression va (gliss)
Steffe                  Celebration             Natural Progression va (gliss)
Fountainhead            Drift                   Cloud Cover (aucourant)

Saul Stokes     Deep In The Grass.Tunnel Twins  Washed In Mercury (hypnos)
S Jansen/R Barbieri  RemainsOfAFragileIllusion  Other Worlds In A Small Room (medium)
Ruben Garcia    LikeTheHandOfAMechanicalWizard  I Can Feel The Heat Closing In (close tolerance)
The Hilliard Ensemble   Sibylla Persica         Lassus (ecm)
Paul Avgerinos          Sky Of Grace            Sky Of Grace (earth sea)
Lucia Hwong             Transformation          Goddess Celestial Realms


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