STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 11 December 2022
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Martin Sturtzer		Approaching			Microgravity (exosphere)
Parallel Worlds		Intensity			Plector (DiN)
MiDi BiTCH		Meno				Anamnesis (cyclical dreams)
Remote Vision		Network 47			The Architecture of Time (synphaera)
Lauge/AES Dana		Terrene Pt 1			Terrene (ultimae)
Alene Marie		Luminous Gulch			Colors of Distance (enmossed)
Meg Bowles		Evening Chorus			Voices from the Ethereal Forest (kumatone)

The Rosen Corporation	Session 190622 (excerpt)	Beyond the Veil of Consciousness (cyclical dreams)
subtractiveLAD		The Shelter of Your Name	Fortress (self-released)
Christina Ruf		Clarion				STROM (iapetus-media)

Aglia			Quiet Revelation		Perennial Source (projekt)
Christian Wittman	Transparent Overtones		Sound Painting II (self-release)
Olafur Arnalds		Spiral (Dustin O'Halloran)	Some Kind of Peace - Piano Reworks (mercury kx)
Nils Frahm		Part VI				Electric Piano (leiter)
Erik Van Thyne		No Illusion Pts 1 & 2		Tape 1 (audiobulb)
Eugueni Galperine	This Town Will Burn Before Dawn	Theory of Becoming (ecm)
Dag Rosenqvist		12				Lexika (dronarivm)

d'Voxx			The Re-education of Winston	1984 (DiN)
Isostatic		The Elder Tree			The Forest Abides (exosphere)
James Murray		Drawing Light			Careful Now (home normal)
Hinterland		The Equivalence Principle	The Glass Shore (exosphere)
Paul Ellis		Five Bliss Machines on the...	Five Bliss Machines on the Infinite Stage (groove unlimited)
Chris Russell		Triton Encounter		Voyager (exosphere)

Deepspace		The Blue Dunes			The Blue Dunes (projekt)
Forrest Fang		Distant Figure			The Lost Seasons of Amorphia (projekt)
Joystick		Two Stars			The Landing (synphaera)
Pulse Emitter		Cloudside Dwellings		Dusk (hansu mountain)
theAdelaidean		In the Key of Sleep (excerpt)	In the Key of Sleep (projekt)


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