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Private Sea

While Private Sea expresses and experiments in ways built on previous entries in this field, the duo of Alex Mitchell and Ryan Todd are far more focussed on the wonders of the psyche than on the machinery used to make music. Their optimism and artistry are fully present throughout every one of their well-crafted musical moments. Driven by openness and compassion, vision and vibe, it is the assured pacing of their work that leads us into a remarkable euphonic, electronic state.

In their interrogation of atmosphere, Private Sea commands the sound, the weight, taste and texture of synthesized tones. From fuming, vigorous and urging, down to the softest susurration of truthful timbral rumination, they navigate between Spacemusic's tidal drone zones and ethereal washes, on up to a lively braindance of melody, rhythm and pulse.

Although geared toward tranquility and quietude, nothing about their work seems confined. Testing the waters in the studio and live in concert, Mitchell & Todd believe in the promise of new coastlines - and that the mind is its own place, its oceans vast and to be explored. In daily life feelings ebb and flow like waves upon the shore, but it is in the Private Sea of individuality that the sheer sensation of accomplished works will endure.

Private Sea live on STAR'S END 21 August 2022 (Space Camp 2022 live stream archive)

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