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Kevin Keller Taking cues from both classical and space music, Kevin Keller experiments with open-structured arrangements to evoke alien yet comfortable sonic environments. His intimate "Ambient Chamber Music" fuses the acoustic sounds of piano and cello with the electronic textures of synthesizers to create atmospheres marked with melancholy and ghostly impressions.

Along with his work in Electronic Music, Keller's musical career has included major works for solo instruments and chamber ensembles, including two film scores, a ballet, and a string quartet which was given its premier performance by the Kronos Quartet in the 1986 Festival of New American Music.

Kevin Keller and his performance ensemble, which includes Philadelphia native Tania Simoncelli on cello and Mark Fassett on electric bass, performed in Philadelphia at The Gatherings Concert Series on 10 June 2000. This was the Kevin Keller Trio's first performance outside of the San Francisco Bay area. The trio's music balances classical and ambient, shaping and refining the relationship between acoustic and electronic sounds. Their concert at The Gatherings saw the Trio perform variations on Keller's critically acclaimed solo albums: Pendulum, Intermezzo and The Mask Of Memory. Kevin Keller Trio

Kevin Keller CD Reviews

Pendulum Review: Pendulum by Kevin Keller

Easily viewed as one continuous piece, Pendulum is a well thought-out smooth sonic journey. Kevin Keller's well-crafted synth timbres are predominant throughout the CD, but they share the space nicely with David Darling's reverberant cello, Jeff Pearce's guitar loops and Bruna Lamy's infinite whispers. The overall mood of the album is that of vastness, with Keller's well-placed, ever evolving rhythms transporting the listener through it.

-Chuck van Zyl   STAR'S END

Intermezzo Review: Intermezzo by Kevin Keller

In this follow-up to his popular The Mask Of Memory, Keller turns more cerebral and introspective by scoring a midnight symphony of eight movements for cello and electronic sound design. The music is an instrumental portrait of personal change, where the "Chamber Doors" of "The Black Cottage" give access to "The Space Between" realities where brave sonic explorers can experience "Transfiguration." Mystical, dark of mood, and deliciously spacious, this modern moonlit sonata offers up some positively gorgeous cello solos.

-New Age Retailer

The Mask Of Memory Review: The Mask Of Memory by Kevin Keller

Modern electronics and classical, impressionist textures unite on this mystical moodscape that will surely thrill late night headphone listeners. Like contemporaries Kevin Braheny and Richard Burmer, Keller experiments with open structured arrangements to evoke alien environments; but unlike many of today's space music artists, his pieces never turn cold. The warm washes of synthesized sound and bits of melody will keep your imagination floating through the backwaters of memory unimpeded.

-The Monthly Aspectarian

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