STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 5 January 2020
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2019 - Year in Review Part Two *

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Steve Hauschildt	Reverse Culture Music		Nonlin (ghostly international)
Neuland			Cascade 39			Neuland (self-released)
Chuck van Zyl		Enceladus: Part 1		Live on Star's End 08.26.18 (wxpn)
Telomere		Nightfall			Supergiant (evenfall)
Nils Frahm		Sweet Little Lie		All Encores (deutsche grammophon)
Eric the Taylor		Ancient Lives			The Guidance of Ancestry (touched music)
Remote Vision		Survey Pilot			The Outer Pleteaux (exosphere)
Sven Laux/Harry Towell	Still Counting			Until We Fall (fluid audio)
Machinefabriek		Stillness #8 (Laubeuf Fjord)	Stillness Soundtracjs II (glacial movements)

Bluetech		Vessels				Liquid Geometries in Dub (liquid sound design)
Twilight Archive	Obscure Currents		Drift Factor (self-released)
Fourth Dimension	Halo (Remix)			Ubique (exosphere)
Cliff Martinez		Jesus and the Snake		Too Old to Die Young (milan)
Squrl			Replacement Sky			The Dead Don't Die (back lot music)
Jogging House		Balance				Lure (seil records)
Sonogram		Lens Flair			Interiors (simulacra records)
Sofie Birch		Reverie				Planetes (seil records)
Halftribe		Off Kilter			Backwater Revisited (dronarivm)
subtractiveLAD		Cupola				Parabola (self-released)
Andrew Tasselmyer/Patrick Spatz - Number 4		Interior Currents (constellation tastu)

Steve Roach		Synesthete			Bloom Ascension (projekt)
Caterina Barbieri	Bow of Perception		Ecstatic Computation (editions mego)
GROBEK			Elements			GROBEK I (self-released)
Hollan Holmes		One Giant Leap			The Unity (aatma)
The Soviet Space Dog Project - Plus Three Degrees	AEther Waves vol 1 (aether waves)
Alex Somers/Sigur Ros	Into Place			Black Mirror: Hang the DJ (invada)
Eve Maret		Many Moons			No More Running (self-released)
Beyond Berlin		Andante				Totem (groove unlimited)
Defective AI		Decay				A Book of Coherent Warnings (jealous butcher)
loscil			Equivalent 7			Equivalents (kranky)
Forrest Smithson	Compassion Wheel		The Healer's Way (self-released)

Spinnet			Vicious Walks			Syzygies (exosphere)
TJ Porter		Darkness			Darkness (self-released)
Arjen Schat		Stride				SiO2 (self released)
Confluent Phase		Ionospheric Connection		Ad Astra (txt recordings)
Lingua Lustra		Gem Float			Sonic Being (exosphere)
Sven Laux & Daniela Orvin - Same Situation Different Perspective Pt 2 - The Writings (dronarivm)
Anzio Green		Navigations: Part Two		Lygan (txt recordings)
Purl & protoU		Sub Life			Sub Life (dronarivm)
Ludovico Einaudi	Low Mist			Seven Days Walking: Day One (decca)

Robert Scott Thompson	Green Flash and the Dryline...	Green Flash and the Dryline Chaser (aucourant records)
Djam Karet		Night Falls			A Sky Full of Stars For a Roof (hc productions)
Richmond/Grenader w/Roach - Ooda Loop			POV (zsr records)
Futuregrapher & Eric 'the' Taylor - Triggered		Effects of Clouds (neotantra)
Jack Hertz		Sea of Tranquility		Back to the Moon 1 (aural films)
Forrest Smithson	Trans-lucid			A Right Use of Will (self-released)
Palancar		Meltwater			The Unity (aatma)
Tonal Assembly		Fragility			Lost and Found in Imaginary Landscapes (groove unlimited)
Tim Walters		Don't Forget to Breathe		Fission Cuisine (aural films)

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