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* 2019 - Year in Review Part Three *

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

d'Voxx                  Akatta Norr                     Telegraphe (DiN)
Ambientium              City of Memories                City of Memories (self-released)
Three Fields            Part 7                          Undefined (installed worlds)
Forrest Fang            Lullaby for a Twin Moon         The Fata Morgana Dream (projekt)
Remote Vision           A Tranquility of Many Balances  World of Similitudes (exosphere)
Hotel Neon              Burning Mist                    Vanishing Forms (archives)
Radiant Mind/Steve Roach - Sphere 8                     HelioSphere (timeroom)
Sam Rosenthal           ...and Watch the Galaxy Turning The Gesture of History (projekt)
Porya Hatami            Rebendan                        Sallaw (dronarivm)

Sven Laux		ODD VI				ODD (whitelabrecs)
Michelle Qureshi	Face of Things			Harmonic Dreams (self released)
Remote Vision		A Tranquility of Many Balances	The World of Similitudes (exosphere)
Hildur Guonadottir	Vichnaya Pamyat			Chernobyl (deutsche grammophon)
Markus Reuter		Once in a Brief Moon		Monde vol 1 (iapetus media)
Alio Die/Lorenzo Montana - Dark Rhupad			The Threshold of Beauty (projekt)
Palancar		Letting Go			Scarab (emergent world)
Seamus O'Muineachain	Ghosts				City of Lakes (self released)
subtractiveLAD		Water Like Glass		Calm (self-released)

Arjen Schat		Adranoval			June (self released)
Dave Luxton		Dust Storm			After the Epoch (wayfarer records)
Parallel Worlds		Oddotis				Sorrow (moatun 7)
Roedelius/Story		Florid				Lunz 3 (curious music)
Concept Devices		The Trial			Conceptus Fabrica (groove unlimited)
Max Richter		November			Mari Samuelson (deutsche grammophon)
Kelly David		Laukoo				Meditation in Green (spotted peccary)
Jangura			On Top of the World		Prospettive Animiche (projekt)
Line Spectrum		A Set of Events at the Shore	Bruma (glacial movements)

K Markov		Mind Control			Interactivity (exosphere)
Bart Hawkins		Dream Meditation Part 2		21 Pulse Eclipse (spotted peccary)
Dan Pound		Prayer				The Healing (self-released)
Tangerine Dream		Organ Piece			In Search of Hades - The Virgin Years 1973-1979 (virgin/umc)
Hugar			Oroi				Varda (masterworks)
Tapes and Topographies	By Amsterdam Station I Sat...	Ubiquitous Clouds (simulacra records)
Redshift		Berserker			Cosines and Tangents (DiN)
Bluetech		The End is In the Beginning	Holotrope (behind the sky music)
Wil Bolton		Nets				Kochi (audiobulb)

Awenson			Galactic Humanity		Hope (groove unlimited)
Tom Moore/Sherry Finzer	Shadow of the Moon		A Journey for Mankind (heartdance records)
Matthias Grassow/Michael Bruckner - The Waiting Hour	Polar Vortex (databloem)
Tim Hecker		That World			Anoyo (kranky)
Daniel Wohl		Orbit				Etat (nonesuch)
Rabbia			Styx				Lost River (ecm records)
Peter James		Yet to Be Forgotten		Senessence (aatma)
Dronal			On the Edge of Mourning		Interval Motion (supple 9)
Joep Breving		Noumenon			Henosis (deutsche grammophon)
Rene de Bakker		Final Farewell			Our Gift (groove unlimited)
Eluvium			Soliloquy & Aside		Pianoworks (temporary residence)


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