STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 5 August 2018
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

K Markov                excerpt                         Solar Waves (self-released)
Gert Emmens/Ruud Heij   Halo                            Galaxis (self-released)
Tabo Tago               Conductity                      Kymatica (iapetus media)
Ken Martin              Organic Formations              Evolution CD 1 (self-released)

Jason Sloan - Live to Air In-Studio Radio Concert 08.05.18 - unreleased

Free System Projekt/Terje Winther - Spoon Forest        Spoon Forest (self-released)
Chuck van Zyl           Traumbild                       In Love With The Moon (aural films)

Tapes and Topographies  From a Black Sea                Opiates (simulacra)
Three Fields            Part 2                          Tells (installed worlds)
In the Branches/Bluetech - Horsehead Nebula             Behind the Sky (self-released)
Richard Bone            Nights on Eriou                 Nibiru (quirkworks)
Hotel Neon              Roke                            Means of Knowing (archives)
Svere Knut Johansen w/David Helpling - Space and Time   The Vast Expanse (spotted peccary)
TJ Porter               Butterfly with Broken Wings     Relics (self-released)
Brian Vassallo          Flora                           Beyond 2 (self-released)
David Wahler            Lone Sky Night                  Mosaic (self-released)
Jon Durant              Willamette Fog                  Parting Is (alchemy records)

Brian Eno               Five Light Paintings            Installations (astralwerks)
Robert Rich/Markus Reuter - Part 2                      Flood Expeditions: The Gatherings 19 May 2018 (soundscape)
Thom Brennan            Mountains                       Mountains (rubicon)


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