STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 4 November 2018
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Bluetech                Bardo Waves                     Liquid Geometries (DiN)
Max Richter             1985                            White Boy Rich (deutsche grammophon)
Forma                   New City                        Semblence (kranky)
Arjen Schat             20180814                        AS (self-released)
Parallel Worlds         A Dream Within A Dream          Tonal Paintings (electronique)
Styrofoam               We Can Never Go Home            We Can Never Go Home (sound in silence)
Hainbach                Your Strange Glitter            Elements and Particles (DiN)
Pulse Emitter           Chateau Night                   Xenharmonic Passages (expansive)
Solaris                 Nightbloom Unfolding            Chimera (exosphere)
Dedekind Cut            Tahoe                           Tahoe (kranky)

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Hoenig/Gottsching       Early Water                     Early Water (musicque intemporelle)
Edgar Froese            Upland                          Aqua (virgin)

Palancar                Gravitational Collapse          Final Theory (emergent world)
Helios                  Seeming                         Veriditas (ghostly int'l)
James Murray            Father Figure                   Falling Backwards (home normal)
Olafur Arnalds          Nyepi                           Re-Member (mercury kx)
Murcof                  Chaptier 8                      Lost in Time (glacial movements)
Madhavi Devi            Cloudbreak on Ilsa              The Truth of Being (spotted peccary)
4 Airports              Alpha Echo Three Five           4 Airports (self-released)
KJ                      Foxes (feat Aaron Martin)       Ex (dronarivm)
Sula Bassana            Ending                          The Ape Regards His Tail (sulatron records)
Phillip Wilkerson       Souvenir of Bliss               Reveries (self-released)

The Nightcrawlers       Spacewalk                       Traveling Backwards (manikin)
Pollard/Daniel/Booth    Cell                            Eight (electronic composers outlet)
Cosmic Ground           Sanctum                         Relics vol 2 (self-released)

Orbital Decay - Live on STAR'S END 17 August 2001 (excerpt) - unreleased
Chaka Benson    Live at Johnny Brenda's 25 January 2018  unreleased

Empty Zen               LLerk                           Krell Music (aural films)
James Murray            Landscapes of Love              Landscapes of Love (fluid audio)
Frederick Gerchambeau/Bertrand Loreau - Dvi             Catvaratempo (spheric music)
Saul Stokes             My Memory I hope You Believe    Local Crowd (databloem)
Lingu Lustra            Nucleic Glide                   Nautilus (exosphere)


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