STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 11 November 2018
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Bert Blokzjil           Part 3                          The Second Monopology (self-released)
Claus Jahn              Traffic (Birthday Edition)      In Love With The Moon (aural films)
Styrofoam             Did Your Mouth Buy You This Scar  We Can Never Go Home (sound in silence)
Parallel Worlds         Additive Procedure              Elements and Particles (DiN)
Bluetech                Crystalline Forms               Liquid Geometries (DiN)
Steve Roach             Magnificent Gallery             Return to the Dreamtime (timeroom)

Chaka Benson - Live to Air In-Studio Radio Concert 11.11.18 - unreleased

Parallel Worlds/Dave Bessell - Forest of Stars          Dystopia (DiN)
Surf Gazer              Moon Tides                      In Love With The Moon (aural films)
Cosmic Ground           Darkness                        Relics vol 1 (self-released)
Tim Motzer/Markus Reuter - Rapture (Coda)               Rapture (1k recordings)
The Soviet Space Dog Project - A Bunch of Cosmic...     First Orbit (self-released)
Alluste                 Distant Voices                  Alien Worlds (self-released)
TJ Porter               Present-Future                  Present-Future (self-released)
Biome                   Rain Temple                     The Shores of Tenemos (biome music)

Saul Stokes             Wave Break                      Local Crowd (databloem)
Pulse Emitter           Spirit Haze Zone                Xenharmonic Passages (expansive)
Ian Boddy               The Seventh Wave                unreleased

Bruce Bennett           Textures II                     Krell Music (aural films)
Thom Yorke              The Jumps                       Suspiria (xl recordings)
Travis & Fripp          Moonchild                       Between the Silence (panegyric)
Libera                  Lacrymosa                       Beyond (invisible hands)
Johann Johannsson       Death and Ashes                 Mandy (lakeshore records)
Lingua Lustra           Seeds in the Wind               Nautilus (exosphere)
Steve Roach             Liminal                         Mercurius (projekt)
Transponder             Orb of Witnessing               Beholder (exosphere)
Forrest Smithson        Positional Grace                The Accomplished View (self-released)
Marc Barecca            Claviux                         Shadow Aesthetics (palace of lights)
Dean Sabatino        The Unfortunate Math of Existence  The Unfortunate Math of Existence (self-released)


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