STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 18 December 2016
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Ulrich Schnauss         Negative Sunrise        No Further Ahead Than Today (scripted realities)
FSOL                    Solace                  Environment 6 (fsoldigital)
The Melting Transistor  Song of the Void        Ambiverse (self-released)
Steve Brandt      The Crucible of Heart (edit)  The Path of the Heart (relaxed machinery)
Peter Kater             One Flame               Resonance (new earth)
Matthew Stewart     A World Bathed in Sunlight  A World Bathed in Sunlight (spotted peccary)
Paul Ellis      A Rainforest in Echoing (edit)  Available Light (self-released)
Michael Brueckner       Drowning                Musikhalia (self-released)
P Namlook/New Composers Part XII                Russian Spring (psychonavigation)

Cosmic Ground           Ground Central          Cosmic Ground III (studio fleisch)
TJ Porter               A Fools' Errand         Post Factual Society (self-released)
Akasha Project          Black Market            Spheres (klangwirkstoff)
Dean De Benedictis      Regret in G             Salvaging the Present (spotted peccary)
J Mundok                Part 3                  Plitvice Botany (self-released)
Eluvium                 Beyond the Moon...      False Readings On (temporary residence)
Biosphere               Departed Glories        Departed Glories (smalltown supersound)
Matt Borghi             Silhouettes             Ambient Guitar (slobor media)

Chuck van Zyl        Until the Kingdom Comes 3  Recitals (synkronos music)
K Dixon/M Stein         Hawkins                 Stranger Things (lakeshore records)
Johann Johannsson       Arrival                 Arrival (deutsche grammophon)
David Wingo             Call the Lawyer         Loving (back lot music)
J DiBenedetto/AP Kerby  Memories of Silence     Falling Into Place (dataObscura)
Steve Roach             Cloud of Knowing        Shadow of Time (projekt)
Robert Davies           Afterlight              Afterlight (dataObscura)
Silentwave              Dry Landscape Garden    Daiyuzan (gterma)

Lustmord                Subspace                Dark Matter (touch)
Matthias Grassow        Chromestesia            The Nightquest Sessions (gterma)
B Ashra                 excerpt                 Venus Meditation (klangwirkstoff)

Robert Hakalski         Annus Mirabilis         Piano 5 (singularity)
Gavin Bryars          As Sure as There is a...  The Fifth Century (ecm)
Robert Rich             tracks 1 2 3            Vestiges (soundscape)
Ian Boddy               As Above So Below       As Above So Below (DiN)


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