STAR'S END  12-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 25 December 2016
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Peter Irock             Boreal                  Boreal (self-released)
Ascendant               Frozen Clouds           Meridian (synphaera)
Wollo/Wostheinrich      Midnight Sun            Arcadia Borealis (DiN)
Arjen Schat             Hemisphere              Permafrost (self-released)
Jack Hertz              Endless Blue            Antarctica (aural films)
Aidan Baker             Ecliptic Plane          Ecliptic Plane (dronarivm)

Terry Furber - Carol of the Bells on a 1969 Moog Modular - unreleased
Nox Arcana              Winter's Knight         Winter's Knight (self-released)
Fovea Hex               Carol                   I:I:XIII Hail Hope (janet records)
Hammock                 Cold Front              Departure Songs (self-released)
Jeff Pearce             After the Frost         In the Season of Fading Light (self-released)
Yagya                   SnowFlake 3             Rhythm of Snow (sub wax)
Winterlight             Of All the Things       Hope Dies Last (n5md)
Liquid Stranger         Cyra                    Cryogenic Encounters (interchill)
Motionfield             track 4                 Northern Lights (test tube)
Hibernation             Dreamstep               Second Nature (interchill)
Triple S                Aurora Borealis         Poles (pleasure sound)

Redshift                A Midnight Clear        Ether (distant sun)
Runes Order             Volo Verso L'Ignoto     Winter (sempiterna mutatio)
The Ministry of Inside Things - Aphelion Season Ambient Elsewhere (synkronos)
Dave Luxton             Glacier                 Hidden Music (wayfarer)
Ryuichi Sakamoto        Glacier                 Out of Noise (decca)

Dave Luxton             Winter's Light          unreleased
Hollan Holmes        A Midwinter Night's Dream  unreleased
Saul Stokes         Santa and the Rainy Skates  unreleased

Bryan Carrigan          Comparing Snowflakes    Fall Into Winter (peonies music)
Paul Ellis - Bone Clicking Applause of Winter Trees - Ancient Light Having Reached Us (self-released)
Jim Ottaway             Snowfall (Prelude)      Aurora (self-released)
David Arkenstone       The Wind From the North  Beneath a Darkening Sky (qdv recordings)
machinefabriek          Goor Koor               Into the White (dronarivm)

Eko_Fisk                Solstice II             BFW Christmas 2014 (bfw)
Wollo/Wostheinrich - Polaris.Decampment to Arcadia - Arcadia Borealis (DiN)
Wendy Carlos            Winter                  Sonic Seasonings (east side digital)
Nils Frahm              Tristana                Winter Musik (erased tapes)
Bernocchi/Budd/Guthrie  Winter Garden           Winter Garden (rare noise)


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