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Top 20 For June/July 2008 (alphabetical)  Compiled by Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  ALBUM                           LABEL

Richard Barbieri        Things Buried                   Snapper
Biomusique              The 10000 Steps                 Kosmic
Kevin Bartlett          Glow in the Dark                Aural Gratification
CarterTutti           Feral Vapors of the Silver Ether  CTI
Emanuele Errante        Humus                           Somnia
Manuel Gottsching       Live at Mt. Fuji                MG Art
Hammock           Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow  Darla
Indigo Egg              Ixland                          Celestial Dragon
Steve Jansen            Slope                           Samadhisound
Daniel Kobialka         Pathless Journey                Li-Sem
Kwook                   Skywave                         Blue Oasis
Evan Marc/Steve Hillage Dreamtime Submersible           Somnia
Marconi Union           A Lost Connection               n/a
Robert Rich + Ian Boddy React                           DiN
Steve Roach             Arc of Passion                  Projekt
Steve Roach             A Deeper Silence                Timeroom
Steve Roach             Landmass                        Timeroom
Steve Roach             Empetus                         Projekt
Various Artists         Perceived Distances             Blue Oasis
Various Artists         STAR'S END 30th Anniversary Anthology

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