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Salvaging the PastDean De Benedictis Dean De Benedictis has a bed, but does not sleep. He is a man made out of electricity, with creativity siting in his chest like a burning sphere. Forever battling convention, the current of his energetic imagination is released throughout Salvaging the Present (70'09") - an album wandering in wonder across nine stormy stories in electronic sound. Knowing that people both crave the new, and fear it, De Benedictis works out an appealingly ingenious mix of mammoth forces, minor exaggerations, and modish pranks - all in service to an ample cosmological orientation and awareness. De Benedictis is a technologist, still moving faster than the wave. The mental machinery he used to realize Salvaging the Present effectively imagines glowing sonics and grooves, as well as it does dreamy thought zone tones. From out of the middle distance, sounds, wider than they are high, emerge and ascend. At the margins of perception, a pixie-dust lightness, then the immense sigh of gracefully deformed metal. In a moment of somnolence, we envision night-blue sky - in the layering diaphanous tones of breathing strings and ethereal choir. Restorative sunlit notes offer balance, when velvety dungeon hues of dread become too much to bear. Why can not men better appreciate the present? The invisible now... We find with Salvaging the Present an openness to each and every moment as an opportunity to create something new - and the hope to have renewed, our faith in the potential we carry within.

Please tune into STAR'S END this weekend for music from Salvaing the Present, the recent solo release by the innovative Electronic Musician Dean De Benedictis

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Salvaging the Past (2005) by Dean De Benedictis
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Regret in G by Dean De Benedictis - from Salvaing the Present

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Thank You! - STAR'S END/WXPN Winter 2017 Fundraiser
WXPN One of the problems with commercial music is that at some point the artist realizes that they cannot go any further in a new direction without alienating their audience, and their record company - which has resulted in the stagnation of the genre. As Electronic Music has no real economic mandate, it can flex, expand and contract in natural and often unpredictable ways. We have been hearing examples of this creativity every weekend on STAR'S END for over 40 years.

This music does not necessarily reflect a bigger world, but rather a bigger inner-world. It's a weekly deep-dive into your own psyche - where the ridiculously small universe of everyday life turns into a vast open expanse. STAR'S END is also dependably listenable. Within each broadcast we find ourselves connecting to many musical moments - places where we may feel encouraged or saved.

STAR'S END is a digital immigrant. It can remember a time before The Internet, smart phones and digital files. STAR'S END also remembers how time spent away from external stimulation and demands is time spent working to develop the self. If you are a STAR'S END listener, then you are unique, enlightened, and reassured by the power of this music - and most certainly comprehend the part you play in this quietly amazing effort.

Giving to public radio is not a meaningless gesture. In making a contribution you are living up to your responsibility as a listener. So, this weekend... will you be just a witness? or will you be an actor - one who commits to our complex endeavor.

40th AnniversaryLet's keep this wonderful thing going - and in our listening space every week. Sincere Thanks to everyone who tuned in, and then phoned in with a donation to the WXPN/STAR'S END Winter Fundraising broadcast of 02.12.17. Thank You for your generosity and support. From 61 callers we received $6895 in donations. Many Thanks!

Please Note: The 02.12.17 broadcast of STAR'S END offered Special Thank You Gifts available to those calling in with a donation made using a valid credit card. Many Thanks to all the artists and labels who pitched in their resources to help STAR'S END with fundraising. Sincere Thanks also to phone room volunteers: Ken Anderson, Art Cohen, Walt & Cindy Crowder and Jeff Towne - and of course, thanks to every listener who called in with a donation.

Sound Out: Forrest Fang - February 2017
Forrest Fang Few musicians reach as high as Forrest Fang. His charismatic musical vision is arrived at through the accumulation of experiences and encounters with an intriguing range of acoustic and electronic instruments - the exotic sonic palette making his work as stimulating to the ear as it is to the mind. In a great structure of thought he conjures an idealized world of sound - where Spacemusic, World Music, New Age and the Avant-Garde all share a common spirit, and sound connects everything.

Forrest Fang plays the song of himself, as his numerous musical works have always seemed a pipeline into his own inner realm. Producing a music for our world, but not entirely of it, his compositions unfurl like a gorgeous dream.

So, let's now learn more about this man whose musical activity continually deepens, even as it spreads across decades...

Please access Sound Out, the February 2017 STAR'S END interview with Forrest Fang.

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