STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 14 January 2024
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Hollan Holmes		A Light Unto The World		Sacred Places (spotted peccary)
Evening Ocean		Believe In Good Things 		The Great Love (self-released)
Christian Wittman	Time Stretching			Music for Slow Motion Dance (self-released)
Steve Roach		Desert Winds Parts 2.3		The Desert Winds Of Change (timeroom)
Sam Rosenthal/vidnaObmana - Of Silent Crossings		Terrace of Memories (projekt)
Trem 77			Collidascope			Vivid Vibration EP (self-released)

Stellarium		Sponde Radiance			Pillars of Light (exosphere)
Jorg Erren		Lens Flare			Snapshots (syngate)
Isostatic		Arctic Crossing			Beyond the North Wind (exosphere)
Ken Martin		A Diminished Fantasy 2		Cydonia(cyclical dreams)
K Markov		Deep Down			Abyss (self-released)
Path Of Silence		Sleeping Giant			Pneuma (self-released)
Henrik Meierkord	Cello Ambient Improvisation II	Zeitreisen (projekt)

Stellarium		Solar Magnitude			Solar Magnitude (exosphere)
subtractiveLAD/Tamika Roberts - Painless		Ocean (self-released)
Ancient Astronaut	Stellar Radiance		Cosmic Trails (exosphere)
Carlos Dengler		The After			The After (self-released)
Thom Brennan		Part 7				Argo (self-released)

Cluster			Georgel				Cluster II (brain)
David Bowie	    Sense of Doubt.Moss Garden.Neukoln  Heroes (rca)
Helen Thorington	Trying to Think			Collected Works (internet archive)
Iasos			The Angels of Comfort		Angelic Music (inter-dimensional music)

Michael Bruckner	Part 1				The Morphic Cycle (cyclical dreams)
Subdream		An Eerie Night			Nameless Constellations (exosphere)
Richard Sears		Dolorous Interlude		Appear to Fade (figurelight records)
Jeremiah Chiu		Rococco Rondo			In Electric Time (international anthem)
Lone Bison		tracks 10.07			Wave Construction (castles in space)
Joel Styzens		Waterfall Garden		Resonance (relax your ears)
Encounters		Reverie [Sinerider Remix]	A Path Beyond Remixed (over the moon music)


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