STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 21 January 2024
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Steve Roach/Robert Rich	Part 1: excerpt			Waves of Now (timeroom/soundscape)
Logic Moon/Henrik Meierkord - Skogsfolk			Ewiger Wald (dronarivm)
K Markov		Shape of the Universe		Dark Energy I (self-released)
M Cross Dougherty	Uncertainty in Time		Particles Waves (heart dance)

Sacred Seeds		Pollen Grains			Electric Fabric (cyclical dreams)
Extraworld		Artemis Verge			Perihelion (exosphere)
Hollan Holmes		The Divine Connection		Sacred Places (spotted peccary)
Arin Aksberg		Skaidi				Nordic Patterns (projekt)
Eyes Cast Down		excerpt				Tears For a Numinous Realm (self-released)
Syndromeda		Five				Liftoff to Infinity (syngate)
Dirk Schlomer		Life-Loops			Broschek Life/Loops (iapetus-media)

Cosmic Ground		Part Two			Area 23 (self-released)
Radio Massacre Int'l	Part 3				Outside (northern echo)
Solitaire		Nocturne			Nocturnes & Fearless (projekt)
subtractiveLAD/Tamika Roberts - Endless			Ocean (self-released)

David Arkenstone	Whispers of the Winter Wind  	Winterlude (qdv recordings)
Wendy Carlos		Winter				Sonic Seasonings (east side digital)
Stephan Micus		Winter Hymn			Winter's End (ecm records)
Klaus Schulze		Crystal Lake			Mirage (brain)
Ralph Lundsten		Song of the Stars		Nordic Nature Symphony No 3 "A Midwinter Saga" (gnp crescendo)

Stellarium		The Spectral Traveler		Solar Magnitude (exosphere)
TheAdelaidean		Against All Expectations  	Going Home the Long Way Around (projekt)
Isostatic		Beyond the North Wind		Beyond the North Wind (exosphere)
Carlos Dengler		Preparation			The After (self-released)
Ancient Astronaut	Deep Space			Cosmic Trails (exosphere)
Henrik Meierkord	Mitthavet			Zeitreisen (projekt)
The Green Kingdom	Mycelia				Ether Hymns (dronarivm)


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