STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 17 January 2021
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2020 - Year in Review Part Four *


Arjen Schat		Plegona (excerpt)		LP2 (tresor d'argent)
Anantakara		Lady of the Sycamore		Newt[At Whose Feet is Eternity] (aural films)
Eric "the" Taylor	Kombucha			Safe Travels (carpe sonum)
Icarus-Daedalus		Altum Spatium			Invisus (antagonist)
Three Fields		Bloom				Bloom (installed worlds)
Sunbeamer		Farewell			Halcyon (folded note)
Peter Chilvers/Jon Durant - Shifting Sands		Always Golden Sands (alchemy records)
Sigur Ros		Ass Hinn Hviti			Odin's Raven Magic (krunk)
Steve Roach		In Present Space		A Soul Ascends (projekt)

Bluetech		Submerge			Underwater Cities (behind the sky music)
TaboTago		Fuller				Simulacron (iapetus-media)
Michael Rother		Dreaming			Dreaming (groenland)
Extraworld		Unbound				Starless (exosphere)
Mathieu Karsenti	Upwards				Bygones (slowcraft records)
Craig Padilla/Marvin Allen - Aquatic			Head in the Clouds (fruits de mer)
Chihei Hatakeyama/Dirk Serries - Sprakk			Black Frost (glacial movements)
K Leimer		Le Filles de Sainte Colombe	Chains of Being (abstrakce records)
Rachel Palmer		With Our Current		Antecedent (modularfield)
Jack Hertz		Expand				Medicine Drones (aural films)

Stefan Bojczuk		Blackstone Edge			Form and Function (DiN)
Rupert Lally		Abstract Thoughts		Strange Selectors (werra foxma) 
Forrest Fang		Water Pad			The Book of Wanderers (projekt)
Kevin Keller		The Forgotten Places		The Front Porch of Heaven (self-released)
Jon Durant/Robert Jurgendal - Leading Indicator		Across the Evening (alchemy records)
Three Point Circle	The Wyatt Dreams		Layered Contingencies (palace of lights)
TJ Porter		Scorched Earth			Here Now (self-released)
David Cordero		Oto				Honne (dronarivm)
Jeff Pearce		The Last Bright Lights		Hidden Shores/Empty Beach (self-released)
The Adelaidean		Have Heart, Will Travel		Isolation (projekt)

Mystified		P64II				Yenisei Crossing (spotted peccary)
Ndr0n			Nebula				White (truthtable)
Schmidt/Cornell		IV Synergy and Silence		Eniwetok Suite (self-released)
Lingua Lustra		Rain				Omni (exosphere)
Awakened Souls		Bodhichitta			How We Heal (stereoscenic)
Serena Gabriel (w/Steve Roach) - Serpentine		Inanna's Dream (soundquest music)
Cosmic Star Babies	Part 2				Celestial Beings (self-released)
Johann Johannsson	Prelude				First and Last Men (deutsche grammophon)
subtractiveLAD		White Sand			The Middle of Nowhere (self-released)
Tim Held		Numinosum			Waveform Magazine Issue 3 (self-released)

Johan Tronestam		Moonchild (Back to the Moon)	Next Step (groove unlimited)
K Markov		Strange Mission			Mystical Journey (self-released)
Havdis			Horisont			Flugloya (gterma)
Simon Posford		The Ripening			Flux & Contemplation: Portrait of an Artist in Isolation (twisted records ltd)
Julianna Barwick	Inspirit			Healing is a Miracle (ninja tune)
Eriks Esenvalds		O Salutaris Hostia		Translations (naxos)
Anne Sulikowski		Pale Spectre			Bedroom Drones (self-released)
Max Richter		All Human Beings (voiceless)	Voices (decca)
Sverre Knut Johansen	Awakening			Dreams Beyond (spotted peccary)
Federico Mosconi	Notte Fragile			Il Tempo Della Nostra Estate (slowcraft records)


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