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Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2013 - Year in Review Part Three *

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

U Schnauss/M Peters     Rosmarine               Tomorrow is Another Day (bureau b)
Darshan Ambient         Watch Your Step         Little Things (lotuspike)
Chronotope Project      No Birth No Death       Event Horizon (relaxed machinery)
Helpling/Jenkins        Almost Never            Found (spotted peccary)
Ian Boddy/Markus Reuter Colour Division         Colour Division (DiN)
Ken Camden              Eta Carinae             Space Mirror (kranky)
Naming Ghosts           The Plactulus Light     Naming Ghosts (penfield music)
Hammock                 My Mind Was a Fog...    Oblivion Songs (hammock music)
Julianna Barwick        Labrynthine             Nepenthe (dead oceans)
Lammergeyer             Altarpiece              Between the Lines (dataObscura)

Fanger/Schonwalder/Hoffmann - Cosmic            Earshot (manikin)
Axess               Crossing the Arctic Circle  Aviator (spheric)
Karl Bartos             Vox Humana              Off the Record (bureau b)
Duncan Goddard          Elcaset                 Electrical Tape (linear obsessional)
Miktek                  Ominous Ride            Elsewhere (ultimae)
Netherworld             Alchemy of Snow         Alchemy of Ice (glacial movements)
Mike Patton             The Snow Angel          The Place Beyond the Pines (milan)
The Glimmer Room        Parts 1 2 3 4           The Wind Blows Summer From the Trees (a-frame media)

Dave Luxton             39                      Fuzzy Music (wayfarer)
Acheloo                 Winter Light            Dream (ad music)
Darshan Ambient         Unusual Thursday        Little Things (lotuspike)
Naming Ghosts           Snowy Saturday Morning  Naming Ghosts (pennfield)
S Mathieu/D Sylvian     Trauma Ward             Wandermude (samadhisound)
The Boats            I Had Forgotten How to...  Our Small Ideas (flaur)
Pantha du Prince + The Bell Laboratory - Wave   Elements of Light (rough trade)
Janneh                  Part 7                  Solarization (self-released)
Stephen Halpern         Part 7                  Deep Alpha 2.0 (inner peace)
Dutch Space Mission     Mission Space 2         Mission Space 2 (self-released)

K Schulze/L Gerrard     Kampania Wrzesniowa     Big in Europe Warsaw (mig)
William Gregg           Ur-Th                   Epiphenomenon (self-released)
Farthest South          excerpt                 Spheres & Constellations (farsouthwest)
Forrest Smithson        Part III                Dreaming Time (self-released)
Ombient                 excerpt                 Live on Star's End 03.11.12 (ethereal live)

Jah Wobble + Marconi Union - Anomic             Anomic (30 hertz)
Cliff Martinez          Chang and Sword         Only God Forgives (milan)
Joost Egelie - The Last Particle of This Universe - Particles (self-released)
Vanderson           A Walk on the Green Meadow  Disintegration of Reality (self-released)
Meg Bowles              Undulant Sea            The Shimmering Land (kumatone)
Pollard Canovas Dolente Daniel - Conjunction    Two Roads (acoustic wave)
Jonas Munk              Los Angeles             Searcing for Bill (darla)
Marsen Jules Trio - Les Trains Shortent de la Gare - Presence Acousmatique (oktaf)
Sigur Ros               Var                     Kveikur (xl recordings)
Phillip Wilkerson       An Endless Light        Sojurner (self-released)


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