STAR'S END Fundraiser - 5 June 05

Webcam of FM Studio Phoneroom

Webcam and Phoneroom Views Shot by Jeff Towne

WXPN The purpose of non-commercial radio is to present music and programming that is worthwhile, based not on marketability or popularity, but on artistic content and the ability to enhance the life of the listener. For WXPN and STAR'S END, the audience is seen as a community and not as a market segment or a group of consumers. While conventional commercial media sees the diverse range of genres and eras of ethereal Spacemusic as unprofitable, STAR'S END succeeds in its mission every week as it presents music solely for the enrichment of the listener. This music survives, as does public broadcasting, through listener support. The 06.05.05 broadcast of STAR'S END was devoted to fundraising efforts.

Many Thanks to everyone who called in with their financial support! Among the 28 callers, 8 were making their first ever pledge to WXPN while 5 were returning after a hiatus. The remaining donors were renewing their membership, bringing the show total to a healthy $3090.00.

Premiums and thank-you gifts available to those pledging to STAR'S END at specific levels included a number of donated items, among them copies of Emissaries and Solid States by Radio Massacre Int'l, Star's End by Blow Up Hollywood and others. Thanks very much for your support!

STAR'S END sincerely thanks those who came in to answer phones during the Spring 2005 fund drive: Bill Beck, Renee Campbell, Art Cohen, John Garaguso, Scott Kelly, Chantal Pasquarello, Bud Schoefer, Autumn Walden and Phoneroom Anchor Jeff Towne.

Thanks also to Duncan Goddard of Radio Massacre Int'l for calling in for a live phone interview as well as Art Cohen for his in-studio on-air live interview.

The premiums pictured were donated by the artists and available (in limited quantities) as thank-you gifts to those who made a credit card pledge during the 06.05.05 fundraising broadcast of STAR'S END. More traditional premiums, furnished by WXPN, were also be offered during this broadcast and throughout the Spring 2005 Fund Drive.

Selected Albums - Thank You!
Emissaries Solid States Star's End Ambient Landscapes 2

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