Postcard STAR'S END is (with the exception of Music from the Hearts of Space) the longest running radio program of Ambient Music in the world. Since 1976, STAR'S END has been providing the Philadelphia broadcast area with a music mix meant for contemplation, sleeping and dreaming.

There are many suggested uses for the program, but most people tune their radio to STAR'S END as they get into bed on Saturday night and allow the gentle aural soundscapes to enhance their restful state.

The music is presented in a non-stop drifting blend and drawn from a diversity of genres including: electronic, ambient, spacemusic, chillout, avant-garde, low-intensity noise, new age, international, spoken word, classical and that which is considered unclassifiable.

40+ year veteran host Chuck van Zyl, has a low-key announcing style that gently informs listeners of show content without disturbing their sleep. Many feel he is a welcome guest in their intimate listening environment.

"STAR'S END is a unique listening experience, not just an exchange of information like most radio shows", says van Zyl. "Due to the unique presentation and the subtlety of the music, the program really affects people, often in a profound way".

Chuck van Zyl
Explore the aural universe with STAR'S END every Saturday night at 1:00AM until 6:00AM Sunday morning (USA EDT).

Among the featured music and artists on the 06.16.24 broadcast of STAR'S END (click on a graphic below):

Live at The Gatherings Altair Live on Star's End 08.26.18 Skies and Stars Live on Star's End


To learn more about STAR'S END transmissions, including the live internet stream, please access the Broadcast page of this website.

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Hank Flynn of FOX 29 chats with STAR'S END Host Chuck van Zyl for The 215

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Thanks to everyone who attended the 12.12.20 virtual event through The Rotunda. If you missed it and want to watch, or attended and want to review, please access the archived recording above.

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STAR'S END Interview Chuck van Zyl - 25 August 2016


Chuck van Zyl

Friday Arts is a weekly 30-minute arts, cultural and entertainment magazine that airs on WHYY TV12 Fridays at 8:30PM. Each broadcast features three segments: "Art", "Art of Life" and "Art of Food". Friday Arts casts a light on some of Philadelphia's most fascinating yet well-kept secrets in the arts.

John Diliberto, Jason Sloan, Jeff Towne and Chuck van Zyl were featured in a segment produced by Michael O'Reilly for the Friday 4 January 2013 episode of Friday Arts. This portion of the program included coverage of activities related to the ECHOES and STAR'S END radio programs and The Gatherings Concert Series - as well as background on Philadelphia's unique Spacemusic scene and the ideals and concepts which drive this genre's creative force.

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