The Gatherings Concert Series

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The Gatherings is Philadelphia's premiere concert series of Innovative Music featuring artists from the Electronic, Ambient and Spacemusic worlds.

Passing its 30th year, The Gatherings Concert Series has grown in scope and stature, attracting enthusiastic and informed audiences to compelling performances by the world's most innovative musicians.

The Gatherings Concert Series remains the place where an otherwise fragmented people can experience the benefits of community and be together for, present at, and somehow part of the creation of a singular musical experience.

For the musician, it is a safe haven to practice their mysterious electronic art, focus on the music and enjoy a rare and intimate connection with their audience. The reverential sanctuary space, the attentive audience and the support of the organizers all act to allow the artist to reach their full live performance potential.

The 2024 Gatherings Season:

Concerts are held in the church sanctuary of St. Mary's Hamilton Village, located in west Philadelphia on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania at 3916 Locust Walk, and produced by the all-volunteer staff of The Corporation for Innovative Music and Arts of PA (CIMA of PA).

For details concerning the concert series (and the current season), please access The Gatherings Concert Series website at:

The Gatherings volume 1 & 2 features excerpts from past performances in The Gatherings Concert Series. All of the music included on both volumes was recorded live in Philadelphia at events produced by the all-volunteer staff of The Gatherings Concert Series. The artists included on this disc are regarded to be among the most recognized and talented in their field and have donated their music to help further the cause advocated by the series.

For more on The Gatherings CD, access:

The Gathering Concert Series has grown to such proportions so as to make it necessary to create a website devoted entirely to the series. In the future, please refer to:

Some of early pages concerning The Gatherings Concert Series remain accessible from the STAR'S END website.

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