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Dark Energy IDark Energy II While each genre has its own themes, tropes and imagery the basic human point of Electronic Music is self-revelation. Expressing oneself by shaping timbre, the very fabric of sound, may be the most direct route to the galaxy inside. Throughout a range of works K Markov displays remarkable growth. His Dark Energy I (71:57) and Dark Energy II (69:53) seem to interrogate The Universe itself. Across 8 tracks total the music rises and falls, lightens and darkens, exists and flows without any regard to Earthly factors. Somewhere in the glimmer of the imaginative spirit modulated effects emerge, open and wither - inviting us down into churning tones and alien drones of dungeon synths and the starless regions of space. Textured and corroded, then inward-facing and soft Dark Energy I & II offer an electrifying immediacy of excited circuits chilled in stalled zones of oppressive nothingness. Between the abstract tones and curious currents the awakening of the mind becomes this music's most meaningful source of truth. Markov's engineering murmurs of empty space, and suggests surreal apparitions and night thoughts better hidden until daybreak. Being exposed to such challenges ultimately widens and expands our definition of what beauty is. This process can feel uncomfortable, but for the more open-minded there is some immeasurable factor that steadily pulls us in. All of us need more of this in our lives. And musicians such as K Markov are a gateway to finding it - not with conventional consonant arrangements, but with his innovative explorations of dreamy atmospheres and negative space. To have a meaningful experience, we will have to listen differently - using a different part of the brain if we are to attend and engage with the music itself.

Please tune in to the 02.25.24 broadcast of Star's End Ambient Radio for music from the recent albums Dark Energy I and Dark Energy II by K Markov

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Interactivity (2019) by K Markov
The Mist (2014) by K Markov
Organic (2015) by K Markov
Soul Keeper (2017) by K Markov

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While the mainstream of Public Radio frets and worries about the future, Star's End unceremoniously carries out its live broadcasts every weekend from this most mysterious place somewhere out ahead. Remaining true to its first principles across nearly five decades of existence Star's End reliably serves all sleepers, dreamers and forward-thinkers with an impressive range of innovative music - all of it seemingly from a time yet to come.

Each trek into the Star's End aural universe provides the opportunity to pursue the Public Radio ideal of leading the listener to someplace beyond themselves. To journey in our minds with new ideas and profound expressions. To aspire to achieve some measure of enlightenment, excellence and enrichment - so that upon our return we will absorb the familiar beauty of the breaking dawn and seek in the new day the truth this music holds.

As the music and its message is so ahead of its time, only a select few are capable of appreciating the value of such a unique broadcasting endeavor.

In Winter 2024 you were again asked to place a dollar amount on what you believe this remarkable service is worth, and make a contribution.

Giving to Public Radio continues to be a meaningful gesture. During the broadcast of 18 February 2024 Star's End host Chuck van Zyl spent the entire night live on-air in a fundraising effort, and was counting on your help. Sincere Thanks to the listeners who stayed up, tuned in, and called in/went online, to make their donation - and come through with approximately $10,000 in support!

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The WXPN/Star's End 2024 Member Concert will take place in Spring 2024 (exact date and time to be announced) in the intimacy of WXPN's Performance Studio, 3025 Walnut Street in Philadelphia. This event is free for XPN Members, but a reservation is required as seating is limited to just 40 attendees.

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