While almost everyone believes I've been hosting STAR'S END for all thirtysome years, I actually only got involved about 27 years ago. When I first started at WXPN back in 1980 there were four or five people who took turns presenting STAR'S END, so each of us only had to go in about once a month to produce a show. Since that time, a number of other folks have also hosted STAR'S END. The years pass and at some point the number dwindled down to just me. Chuck van Zyl
Old Guard The show was founded by John Dilberto and Steve Pross, two Penn students volunteering at WXPN during the 1970s. I interviewed John Diliberto and Gino Wong (another past host) on the 10.08.06 fundraising broadcast of STAR'S END, and posted an excerpt of the interview here. It provides some interesting insight into the early days of the show and the people who produced it.
Several of the past hosts of STAR'S END accepted my invitation to attend the STAR'S END 30th Anniversary Celebration on 16 June 2007 - which was held at The Iron Gate Theater in West Philadelphia, PA. The day-long concerts included performances by Robert Rich + Ian Boddy (in their worldwide concert debut as a duo), Jeff Pearce, Orbital Decay and The Ministry of Inside Things. 30th Anniversary
SE Hosts
Out of the list of 20 or so host names I came up with, the aforementioned John Diliberto and Gino Wong, plus Floyd Miller, Gary DeThomasis, Dave Maier, Jeff Towne, Jon Andrews and Kimberley Haas were in attendance. Thanks very much for coming out to the concert. Your presence made it a very special event!
SE Hosts
Past STAR'S END hosts Gordon Danis, Bob Freeland, Karen Impola, Mike Mahan, Janet Quigley, Elise Salisbury (formerly Seidman) and Dan Schwartz have been in touch, but could not make it to Philadelphia on June 16 for the 30th anniversary celebration concerts.

Is there anyone else out there still? Please make yourself known. Let me know how you're doing. Send an Email

Thanks alot and I hope to hear from you soon!


-Chuck van Zyl/Host of STAR'S END - July 2007

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