Significant Releases of 2009 (non-ranking order)
30th Anniversary
    AirSculpture: Doom Bar (self-released)
    Anomalous Disturbances: Archive Two (disappearing music)
    Anomalous Disturbances: Inside (disappearing music)

    Richard Barbieri: Stranger Inside (scope)
    Beta Two Agonist: Autumn Perdue (databloem)
    Between Interval: The Edge of a Fairytale (spotted peccary)
    Ian Boddy/BernhardWosteinrich: Hemispheres (DiN/DDL)
    Ian Boddy/David Wright: Shifting Sands (ad music)
    Richard Bone: The Ghosts of Hanton Village (quirkworks)
    Harold Budd/Clive Wright: Candylion (darla)

    John Christian: Susbarbatus (self-released)
    Circular: Substans (ultimae)
    The Circular Ruins: Before the Colors Deepened (dataObscura)
    Cluster: Qua (nepenthe music)
    Con_Sense: Code Sent (databloem)
    Copal River: Ancara (blue water)
    Cosmic Hoffmann: Electric Trick (heart & mind)
    Cosmic Hoffmann: Hypernova (heart & mind)
    Cosmic Hoffmann: Space Gems (heart & mind)

    Robert Davies: Geography of Memory (dataObscura)
    Steve Dinsdale: New Church (northern echo)
    Daniel Dorobantu: Knock on the Sky and Listen to the Sound
    Dutch Space Mission: E-Live 2008 (ambientlive)
    Dutch Space Mission: Masters of Time and Space (ambientlive)

    Paul Ellis: The Last Hidning Place of Beauty (groove)
    Gert Emmens: The Last Faraway Plave vol 2 (groove)

    Forrest Fang: Phantoms (projekt)
    Free System Projekt: Procyon (musiczeit)
    Free System Projekt/Brendan Pollard/Hashtronaut: Time Out of Mind (acoustic wave)

    Jeff Greinke: Virga (lotuspike)

    H U V A Network: Ephemeris (ultimae)
    Jon Hassell: Last Night the Moon Came (ecm)
    Helios: Caesura (type)
    Helios: Unreleased vol 1 (unseen)
    Arve Henriksen: Cartography (ecm)
    Bob Holroyd: Re:cycled Re:visited Re:mastered (long tail)

    Ideation: Adrfit (ricochet dream)

    Johann Johannsson: And In The Endless Pause There Came The Sound Of Bees
    Jonsi & Alex: Riceboy Sleeps (xl)

    Eleni Karaindrou: Dust of Time (ecm)
    Kevin Keller: In Absentia
    Kevin Keller: Deep Flight
    Kevin Kendle: Light From the Pleiades (eventide)
    Kevin Kendle: Winter (eventide)
    Jeffrey Koepper: Radiate (ricochet dream)
    Jeffrey Koepper: Luminosity (air space)
    Jeffrey Koepper: Quadranteon (air space)

    Lammergeyer: Beginning to End (dataobscura)
    Paul Lawler/Paul Speer: Wonders (rainstorm records)
    Lawrence: Until Then Goodbye

    Mara's Torment: Across for Show... (atmoworks)
    Marconi Union: Tokyo (bine music)
    Deborah Martin/Erik Wollo: Between Worlds (spotted peccary)
    Moby: Wait for Me (mute)
    Nils Petter Molvaer: Hamada (emarcy)
    Mountains: Choral (thrill jockey)
    James Murray: Where Edges Meet (ultimae)

    Nunc Stans: Meridian (dataObscura)
    Nunc Stans: The Unnamable (dataObscura)
    Nunc Stans/Mystified: One Thousand Dreams (dataObscura)

    Craig Padilla/Zero Ohms/Skip Murphy: Beyond the Portal (lotuspike)
    Palancar: Elysium Planitia (blue water)
    Parallel Worlds: Shade (DiN)
    David Parsons: Earthlight (celestial harmonies)
    David Parsons: Jyoti (celestial harmonies)
    Pollard/Daniel/Booth: Pollard/Daniel/Booth (eemc)

    Ramp: Debris
    Redshift: RW3 (distant sun)
    Redshift: Turning Towards Us (distant sun)
    Markus Reuter/Ian Boddy: Dervish (DiN)
    Steve Roach/Erik Wollo: Stream of Thought (projekt)
    Steve Roach: Destination Horizon (projekt)
    Steve Roach: Afterlight (timeroom)
    Steve Roach/Loren Nerrel: Terraform (projekt)
    Ethan Rose: Oaks (holocene)

    Scanner: Rockets, Unto the Edges of Edges (bine music)
    Erik Seifert: Core (pleasure sound)
    Jonn Serrie/Gary Stroutsos: Hidden World Beyond (valley entertainment)
    Rhian Sheehan: Standing in Silence (loop)
    Jason Sloan: Hyphens (slobor)
    Sonoprint: Planetary Motion
    Soporus: 24.110 (burnt toast)
    Spaceplayer: Earth and Exile
    Saul Stokes: Metacollage (stokesmusic)
    SubtractiveLAD: Where the Land Meets the Sky
    Syndromeda: The Twilight Conjunction (ricochet dream)

    The Tangent Project: Surface (TP)
    Tangerine Dream: Booster (purple pyramid)
    Terra Ambient: Wanderlust (lotuspike)
    Tosca: No Hassle (!k7)
    3 Seconds of Air: The Fight of Song (tonefloat)

    Frank van Bogaert: Air Machine (ace)

    Whitetree: Cloudland (ponderosa)
    Erik Wollo/Bernhard Wostheinrich: Arcadia Borealis (DiN)

    Various Artists: Pop Ambient 2009 (kompakt)

2009 in Review Broadcasts:

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Highlights From STAR'S END : 2009

Ombient 02.15.09

performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Gatherings Concert Series 04.12.09

STAR'S END previews artists from The Gatherings Concert Series 2009 Season

Saul Stokes 04.19.09

Saul Stokes
performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Soporus 05.10.09

performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

MoIT 05.17.09

Art Cohen and Chuck van Zyl of The Ministry of Inside Things are interviewed by Jeff Towne live in-studio on the STAR'S END Fall Fund Drive Broadcast

4th of July 07.05.09

STAR'S END presents a Fourth of July Holiday themed show featuring Spacemusic from the USA

Desert Planet Discs 08.09.09

STAR'S END initiates Listener Top 10 Lists and begins to include selected tracks on weekly broadcasts

Marc Byrd 10.04.09

Marc Byrd of Hammock phones in to help out with the STAR'S END Fall Fund Drive Broadcast

Monster Man 11.01.09

STAR'S END presents a Halloween Holiday themed show on the annual extended broadcast

Arc 11.15.09

performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Jason Sloan 11.22.09

Jason Sloan
performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Tangent Project 12.05.09

The Tangent Project
perform live at the STAR'S END Donor Concert held at WXPN studios

Tangent Project 12.06.09

The Tangent Project
performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Snowflake 12.28.08

STAR'S END presents Regional Winter Holiday themed show

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